Palace of Justice, Kragujevac – Kigo cranes

Palace of Justice, Kragujevac. Kigo cranes HD 40, MD 208 and MD 175B are constructing the Palace of Justice in Kragujevac. The works are executed by the company Strabag in Serbia.

At Kigo we are very proud to be part of this immense project. On the surface of 23.000 square meters Strabag is building with Kigo-Ferokov cranes the biggest Palace of Justice in Serbia. The plan is to finsh the construction works by 2021.

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Tower Cranes – UŠĆE Tower II


Tower  Cranes – Ušće Tower II, Belgrade

Company K.I.G.O. participates in a large project of building an A+ class business building UŠĆE Tower 2 in Belgrade from September 2018.

At the construction site the new tower will reach 103.9 meters and 22 floors, with a total of 28,000 square meters. The company K.I.G.O. d.o.o. together with its mother company FEROKOV d.o.o. from Slovenia has installed until now 6 cranes from its fleet. There are two selferecting POTAIN HUP 40-30 and one IGO 36, tower crane MD125B and two MDT219J10.

Basic information of POTAIN IGO 36:

jib lenght: 32m

hight under hook: 22m

Capacity: 4,0t/1,0t


Basic information of POTAIN HUP 40-30:

jib lenght: 40m

hight under hook: 30m

Capacity: 4,0t/1,0t

Potain Hup 40-30 – YOU TUBE


Basic information of POTAIN MD 125B:

jib lenght: 45m

hight under hook: 28,9m

Capacity: 6,0t/2,2t


Basic information of POTAIN MDT 219J10:

jib lenght: 45-50m

hight under hook: 33m

Capacity : 10,0t/3,8t


FEROKOV d.o.o. Tower cranes, scaffolding, containers

February 2019

Promenada Novi Sad: top-slewing and self-erecting cranes

Promenada Novi Sad. Self-erecting and top-slewing cranes.

K.I.G.O. Beograd is assisting to the construction of Commercial center “Promenada” in Novi Sad with its 5 cranes: MD 175B, three HD 40A and IGO T85. This is why the spot will become a must-visit shopping center in Serbia and in the region.

The four cranes are self-erecting and one is a top-slewing crane with capacities up to 8 tonnes.

This grandious building will expand over 150.000 square meters and should be built by the end of the year.


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Promenada mol, Novi Sad