Potain has led the world in tower cranes. Self-erecting and top-slewing cranes have been produced since Potain’s inception in La Clayette, France, in 1928. More than 100,000 Potain cranes have been sold and installed on some of the most prestigious jobsites around the world. The company offers more than 60 models in a variety of product ranges.

Potain Self-erecting cranes

There is a wide selection of Self-erecting cranes with jib length 16m – 50m.

Igo self-erecting cranes are compact, easy to erect and operate, and have several transport options. Wireless remote controls, quiet and efficient electric motors, state-of-the-art variable frequency motor drives and overload protection systems are standard.

The very user-friendly series (because of easy handling) POTAIN IGO with range from 10 to 50 is a multy purpose solution for smaller construction sites and an effective assistance for building and renovating the facades and roofs.

While for bigger and more demanding construction sites we have another solution for you: the range Potain IGO T 70A, 85A and IGO T 130. The range is a product of two technologies: crane tower is pulled out with two wire ropes and the jib is pulled out with the help of hydraulics. This enables the easy and compact folding of the crane into a smaller assembly. The adavantage of the range IGO is by their compactfulness, easy mounting and transport and high performance.

There are numerous versions of IGO and HUP cranes in our fleet at your disposal (depending on the needs of your construction site we can provide you other versions of IGO and HUP range):


jib: 40m / height under hook: 30m

capacity: 1,0t/4,0t



jib: 20m / height under hook: 17,1m

capacity: 0,7t/1,8t


jib: 24m / height under hook: 19,1m

capacity: 0,7t/1,8t



jib: 28m / height under hook: 20m

capacity: 0,8t/1,8t


jib: 30m / height under hook: 21m

capacity: 1,1t/4,0t



jib: 32m / height under hook: 22m

capacity: 1,1t/ 4,0t


jib: 40m / height under hook: 23m

capacity: 1,1t/4,0t



jib: 40m / height under hook: 35m

capacity: 1,5t/4,0t


jib: 45m / height under hook: 38m

capacity: 1,4t/6,0t


There are also some other models of self-erecting cranes HD and HDT, that are easy to mount and adapt to various smaller jobsites.

Top-Slewing cranes Potain

The Top-Slewing cranes (GME cranes) have a reputation for being easy to adapt to their working environments: sites which are high up, crowded or widely spread out. They make it possible to hoist and distribute loads by using two technologies: horizontal displacement of the trolley (MCT, MDT CCS CITY, MDT CCS, MD, MD MAXI ranges) or movement by raising the jib (MR range).

Potain MCT Crane is so well thought out that you can maximize productivity from your investment without compromising on safety while in use, during maintenance, during erection and dismantling or while being transported between sites. There are 5 models available with jib lengths from 40 m to 52 m, maximum load from 2.5 to 5 tons and maximum hoisting speeds from 2.8 to 82 m/min. There are multiple devices for a faster erection, mechanism with frequency invertor for better efficiency as standard and a radio control with integrated indicator as standard.

Potain MDT CCS City Topless concept allows complex multi-crane installations. It offers simplified installation to reduce the time needed to put the crane in service.

Potain MDT CCS Topless concept allows complex multi-crane installations. The assembly, erection, transport and even maintenance phases are shortened. Optimum productivity and greater safety make MDT CCS cranes the best alternative for all users and hirers.

Equipped with the new Crane Control System, the MDT CCS range provides greater performances. This user-friendly crane control system offers owners the highest levels of comfort, flexibility, ergonomic control – translating to better return on investment.

Manitowoc Crane Control System (CCS) – Offers a user-friendly interface, full graphic display, ergonomic controls, a jog dial for easier navigation and data input, and parts commonality across Grove, Manitowoc and Potain product lines enhancing operator familiarization and serviceability.

  • Highest safety standards in the tower crane industry – With proven components and innovative design, the CCS system allows MDT CCS cranes to set the new benchmark in the tower crane industry.
  • Increased performances – The CCS allows a more precise information exchange and analysis on the crane which maximizes lifting capacities and provides more flexibility on job sites.
  • Optimized ergonomic control – Premium Ultra View cab is equipped with a complete new driver control unit for enhanced ergonomics and comfort.
  • Fast and easy set up – All crane configuration limit settings are completed using the CCS display from within the cab and it takes only 15 minutes to configure and calibrate the crane.
  • Integrated maintenance – MDT CCS range cranes provide CCS for an integrated on-site maintenance tool to diagnose and centralize maintenance.

Potain MD CCS & MD Maxi Tower is the highest capacity range of the Potain top slewing trolleying cranes. For great capacities and long lasting jobs, the MD CCS range provides excellent performance, with capacities from 20 t to 40 t, adaptable jib radius up to 80 m long, 2.45 m K mast technologies, high productivity with slewing, trolleying and lifting VF mechanisms up to 320 hp and easy counter-jib and jib tie bars erection thanks to the standard auxiliary winch. Best for building powerplants, viaducts and bridges.

To meet the requirements of your sites that are crowded, where there are numerous cranes, or that are especially lacking in space, Potain MR cranes meet the challenge. Instead of using trolley for transporting the load on the jib they use the jib itself. The jib can be placed in ther completely upright position when finished with operation. Therefore  the crane is securised considering other obstacles (other cranes, buildings) on the construction site.

There are numerous versions of tower cranes in our fleet at your disposal (depending on the needs of your construction site we can provide you other versions of tower range):