Tower  Cranes – Ušće Tower II, Belgrade

Company K.I.G.O. participates in a large project of building an A+ class business building UŠĆE Tower 2 in Belgrade from September 2018.

At the construction site the new tower will reach 103.9 meters and 22 floors, with a total of 28,000 square meters. The company K.I.G.O. d.o.o. together with its mother company FEROKOV d.o.o. from Slovenia has installed until now 6 cranes from its fleet. There are two selferecting POTAIN HUP 40-30 and one IGO 36, tower crane MD125B and two MDT219J10.

Basic information of POTAIN IGO 36:

jib lenght: 32m

hight under hook: 22m

Capacity: 4,0t/1,0t


Basic information of POTAIN HUP 40-30:

jib lenght: 40m

hight under hook: 30m

Capacity: 4,0t/1,0t

Potain Hup 40-30 – YOU TUBE


Basic information of POTAIN MD 125B:

jib lenght: 45m

hight under hook: 28,9m

Capacity: 6,0t/2,2t


Basic information of POTAIN MDT 219J10:

jib lenght: 45-50m

hight under hook: 33m

Capacity : 10,0t/3,8t


FEROKOV d.o.o. Tower cranes, scaffolding, containers

February 2019